The Potential Papers

Why aren’t teenagers living up to their full potential?

My Mission

That’s the question that drives this whole project. I’ve been there before. I’ve been a 14, 15, 16, and 17 year old kid like the ones I see at school everyday. I was that careless kid scrolling through TikTok. That kid who low-key hated everybody and everything (expect a select few girls, of course). I’ve had my fair share of arguments with my parents. I’ve been lost, hopeless, and spinning ever downward in a depressing spiral of bad habits.

Yet here I am. 18 years old, preparing to serve a mission, and running a website where my words reach thousands across the world. What was keeping me from realizing my potential earlier? If I had learned at 16 how many people would read my words, where could I be now?

That is why I’m working to help teenagers realize how beneficial they can be to the world. I’ve crafted a survey with carefully written questions to gather data that will help me to answer my overall concern: Why aren’t teenagers living up to their full potential?

The Most Godlike Action

Some thoughts from Elder Jenkins: “If God’s work is in the salvation of mankind on this Earth, why did He create the universe?I think that the universe, even the night sky, has inspired man from the beginning, and filled him with questions, which has caused him to stretch forth his efforts to find answers. The…

Inner Peace

The 12 Symptoms of Inner Peace by Dr. Jeff Rockwell: A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than from fears based on past experiences.An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment.A loss of interest in judging self.A loss of interest in judging others.A loss of interest in conflict.A loss of interest in interpreting the actions…

Imperfect Patience

The Book of Mormon tells about the sons of Mosiah in Alma 17. These young men rejected their rights to the kingdom and instead went around to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. There was nothing particularly special about them, they were just diligent men with a sound understanding of the Spirit. For over 14…