R.M. Ramblings: The Truth


We are told to tell the truth ever since we are young kids. But the truth is that we rarely know what the truth is. Read that again- I’m very proud of that sentence. It seems like an oxymoron- surely there must be some sort of truth in the world. But, when we’re dealing with … Continue reading R.M. Ramblings: The Truth

R.M. Ramblings: Success in Simplicity


Alma was a very wise man when he told Helaman ‘by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.’ It truly is the small and simple things in life that can either create success or dig a pit of despair. In this weeks R.M. Ramblings, I would like to focus on two aspects … Continue reading R.M. Ramblings: Success in Simplicity

R.M. Ramblings: Consulting God Always


Throughout all of the standard works, it is clear that prayer is important. Jesus Christ Himself teaches us to ‘pray always unto the Father’ in 3 Nephi chapter 18. The word ‘prayer’ and variations of it are used a whopping 375 times in the Bible. And the entire Doctrine and Covenants came as answers to prayers! It is evident … Continue reading R.M. Ramblings: Consulting God Always

R.M. Ramblings: The Power of the Truth


Trust = Time X Truth. This simple equation makes up every single human relationship that we have, including our relationship with our self-conscious. The more trust there is in a relationship, the more mutually beneficial the relationship is. We can’t make time go faster to increase trust, but we can all be more truthful. Everyone … Continue reading R.M. Ramblings: The Power of the Truth

R.M. Ramblings: The Fallacy of Complacency


Satan uses a lot of strategies to trip us up in this life. We are familiar with many of them: temptation, addiction, relationships, etc. I would like to discuss today a strategy that I believe Satan is using prevalently amongst all people today- the fallacy of complacency. Complacency means to be self-satisfied. It means to … Continue reading R.M. Ramblings: The Fallacy of Complacency

R.M. Ramblings: Truly Understanding the Second Great Commandment

In the words of Jesus Christ, the second most important commandment for us is this: “thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” While this statement is often interpreted as a simple command to be nice to our fellow men, I believe that it goes so much deeper than that. This is a remark on the … Continue reading R.M. Ramblings: Truly Understanding the Second Great Commandment