Think about this. On any given day, you might not be able to complete all your habits (reading, writing, practicing, small things, etc.) because you're too busy or things just didn't work out that day. That's okay.But in the long run, "the real reason you fail to stick with habits is that your self-image gets … Continue reading THE LION MINDSET

Let Them Worship

In 1842, Joseph Smith sat down to draft the key beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in response to a request from John Wentworth of the Chicago Democrat (a newspaper). From this great opportunity, the Prophet composed The Articles of Faith. Many of the thirteen declarations are familiar to members of … Continue reading Let Them Worship

Do you feel like something’s missing?

S. Michael Wilcox recalled a childhood pastime of looking for missing objects in his home. He and his siblings would often struggle to find what was missing, yet his mother could always locate it. She would counsel, "Move something!" The same goes for our lives. When something is missing in our lives, we often need … Continue reading Do you feel like something’s missing?

From Pawn to Royalty: Your Hidden Divinity

I think that the above picture speaks more volumes than I ever could. Several weeks ago, I embarked on a project entitled The Potential Papers (learn more about this project at My driving motivation was to find out why teenagers aren't living up to their full potential. I crafted and conducted a survey to … Continue reading From Pawn to Royalty: Your Hidden Divinity

How to Find Balance in a Shaking World

As a serious athlete, I have always been taught to "control what I can control". When umpires, fans, weather, and other external stressors attempt to easily rattle me, I am expected to remain within myself. It is my responsibility to keep myself calm and focused, no matter the conditions around me. Though this may seem … Continue reading How to Find Balance in a Shaking World

Water Molecules and the Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect: the continuing and spreading results of an event or actionThe science behind ripples is actually quite fascinating. When a rock is dropped, you'd expect that the water molecules move out and away from the point of impact. However, they actually don't. They move up and down in whatever place they were when the … Continue reading Water Molecules and the Ripple Effect