In the Trenches

Articles about Sons of Helaman – Eternal Warriors principles and modern day war tactics.

The Science Behind Satan

The following are thoughts from long-time Sons of Helaman General and now missionary, Elder Eli Jenkins. Satan, if observed carefully, can be found everywhere in our life. Not just this, but in our head specifically. One of his tactics is making latter day people think the influence of Satan is mostly or solely outside your … Continue reading The Science Behind Satan

What Ifs and Hand Grenades

What if our obedience is not so much to convince God that we’re worthy, but rather to convince ourselves that we’re worthy? What if the Word of Wisdom is not so much about what we can’t drink, but rather how much we can learn self-control? What if the Atonement could be used multiple times a … Continue reading What Ifs and Hand Grenades

The Mourning After

Sigh. Another sin, another setback. You can almost hear the pen of Heaven etch it onto the list of endless transgressions you’ve committed. Sound familiar? It does to me. That gooey, quicksandish feeling is one of the devil’s effective tranquilizers. However, in this case, it only lasts but a second. There you sit, or rather, … Continue reading The Mourning After


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