The Most Godlike Action

Some thoughts from Elder Jenkins:

“If God’s work is in the salvation of mankind on this Earth, why did He create the universe?

I think that the universe, even the night sky, has inspired man from the beginning, and filled him with questions, which has caused him to stretch forth his efforts to find answers. The search for these answers has led to more questions, but has also taught us and instilled in our mind eternal principles. Because we saw the sky, and many unexplained wonders, we reached for it. We asked where its limit was, and when we looked again and again, we slowly became aware and accepted that there is no limit, and we begin to see and comprehend what eternity is through human eyes. The universe is a teacher, and that is why God created it. It was created for man, that man might learn to ask questions and seek answers, and be filled with wonder.
This search had shown us that man can do incredible things in the pursuit of answers. We have escaped the boundaries of this Earth by taking the Earth’s resources and organizing them, and by organizing people, to build things with greater strength then was ever conceived by the living things of this Earth. Through organization, we have created rockets that have powers no man possesses, that can carry us through this beautiful Earth into the vast unknown: the wondrous, dangerous, eternal space.”

My own thoughts:

What if eternity is now? God is allowing man to see through human and imperfect eyes a glimpse of eternity and a glimpse of His majesty. God said in the beginning, “Here lies matter unorganized.” He looked at all He had, and into the great expanse of what amazing things could become from it, and created something incredible from it. What if God created all this as an example of the potential that we have to create?

We can apply this by pondering what we need to create, organize, or develop in our own lives. Here lies matter unorganized… organize it! You have the skills and talents and gifts already inside of you! You’re not lacking the ability, you’re blocking it! Perhaps the action of creating is the most Godlike thing we can do as we follow His example.

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