Behold, he is feeding thy horses

Chapter 17 of Alma in the Book of Mormon begins an account of the Nephite sons of Mosiah, a group of young missionaries. Having previously lived a life of sin and partying, they were converted unto the Lord and became righteous. Their father Mosiah was King over the land, meaning that they were natural heirs to the throne. These boys rejected their rights to the kingdom and instead committed to preach the word of God unto the Lamanites.

After journeying many days in the wilderness, they came upon the borders of the land of the Lamanites. They split up and went their separate ways. One named Ammon went to the land of Ishmael and was immediately arrested and brought before King Lamoni. The King’s servants all wanted him dead, as he was a Nephite imposing on their property.

“But Ammon said unto him: I will be thy servant” (Alma 17:25). So, he was sent to watch the King’s flocks with the other servants. A few days later, the flocks were gathered around a water hole when a group of outlaws scattered King Lamoni’s flocks in an attempt to steal them. They seemed to be succeeding. The other servants were all panicking, knowing that the King would kill them if they lose his flocks. Ammon told them not to fear, but rather to patiently start gathering them again. Once gathered, Ammon engaged in battle with these outlaws and came out victorious.

The servants rushed in to the King and told him about the scuffle, bearing the arms that Ammon had cut off in the process. He was very impressed and asked where Ammon was now, for he wanted to thank him.

“And they said unto him: Behold, he is feeding thy horses” (Alma 18:9).

Ammon had remembered the King’s command a few days earlier to prepare the horses and chariots for his upcoming trip, and there he was diligently fulfilling it even after all that excitement.

Truly, the best missionaries are the best servants. The Lord’s best disciples are His best servants. Whether it’s chopping off arms or slinging hay, sometimes the simplest acts are the most noble: Behold, he is feeding thy horses.

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