What Ifs and Hand Grenades

What if our obedience is not so much to convince God that we’re worthy, but rather to convince ourselves that we’re worthy?

What if the Word of Wisdom is not so much about what we can’t drink, but rather how much we can learn self-control?

What if the Atonement could be used multiple times a day?

What if I’m not the full instrument in God’s Hand, and I’m just a string? What if this trial is just the peg making me stretch tighter and tighter to a higher pitch of living?

What if our whole life is just a cycle of D&C 24:2?

Nevertheless, thou art not excusable in thy transgressions; nevertheless, go thy way and sin no more.

Those are God’s two sides. He expects you to fight, yet He forgives you when you don’t.

If someone threw a hand grenade at your feet, is it your fault that there’s a hand grenade at your feet? No. But is it your responsibility to get out of the way or throw it back before you get blown up? Yes.

Such is life.

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