Think about this. On any given day, you might not be able to complete all your habits (reading, writing, practicing, small things, etc.) because you’re too busy or things just didn’t work out that day. That’s okay.

But in the long run, “the real reason you fail to stick with habits is that your self-image gets in the way” (James Clear). The way you see yourself determines whether or not you consistently do the little things over a long period of time!

You must not attach yourself to one identity. If you are to become the best version of yourself, you must continuously edit who you believe yourself to be. Keep upgrading yourself and seeing yourself as better than you were yesterday. If a little cub always considered himself to be a little cub, he’d never become a ferocious lion!

On that note, why is the lion the king of the jungle? He’s not the biggest, that’s the elephant. He’s definitely not the fastest, because the cheetah is. And he’s not the smartest, either. The monkeys are. So then why is the lion the king??

BECAUSE OF HIS MINDSET. Because he HUNTS down what he wants and doesn’t place limitations on himself! Because he believes that he is the king and truly sees himself as the king.

I will attack until the outcome is mine. That is the lion mindset.

See yourself as a lion

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