Plan like a Military General

Every military general will go into a battle with a specific plan on how they are to win. If the enemy does this, we will respond this way. If they do that, we’ll do this, and so on. He knows that he may have a strong air force but weaker ground troops. If this is the case, he’d mold his strategy accordingly. The same goes for any coach who is serious about winning.

We need to attack our daily battles the same way. “If I’m tempted to eat that cookie, I will instead give Jeff a call to see how he’s doing.” “If I start to become angry at my loved one, I will instead go for a walk and pray.”

Instead of having his army wait until they’re attacked, the military general would likely seek to attack the enemy first. One way of doing this is to write down your plan. Along with writing down your “If, then” statements (our enemy is very predictable), you can write a very detailed offensive strategy.

After all, if you were to sit down and outline a plan for the day, what are the odds that you’ll get a lot done? Not only that, but what are the odds that you’ll write down good stuff that you actually need to get done? Pretty good. You’re not gonna sit there and be like, “Okay, at 3:00 I will torment my neighbor’s dog, and after that I could go rob a bank…”

When you write down a specific and detailed battle plan, it puts the enemy on defense and highly increases your level of productivity and output.

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