Water Molecules and the Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect: the continuing and spreading results of an event or action

The science behind ripples is actually quite fascinating. When a rock is dropped, you’d expect that the water molecules move out and away from the point of impact. However, they actually don’t. They move up and down in whatever place they were when the rock fell.

When they move up, they drag the nearby molecules up with them, and when they move down, they drag the other molecules down with them too.

Now molecules may not have agency like we do, but consider what kind of rocks have been dropped into the lake of your life. No matter where you are when the rock drops, you have the choice. Will you move up, bringing others with you? Surely they’ve been impacted by the some of the same rocks as you. Or will you let it get you down, inevitably dragging your fellowmen down with you?

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