Boxing with Satan

Imagine that you and I are in a boxing match. However, it’s not me vs. you. It is me AND you against an enemy. Now suppose that I land a really hard punch on our enemy right when he is planning to attack you. Can we assume that he will be at least slightly dazed and thus unable to attack you as effectively?

Say our enemy is to compete in another boxing match the next day against one of our friends. If we beat up our enemy today and leave him bruised and battered going into his next battle, will our friend have a better chance of winning?

I suggest that Satan is much like unto our outnumbered opponent here. I spent a great deal pondering the idea of omnipresence as it pertains to both God and Satan. God is omnipresent and can help all of His children at what we consider to be the same time. So then, can Satan fight all of us at the same time too? Probably.

Now remember that God is still a real person with a personality all His own. I want you to imagine that you are God now. So put on your God sandals and picture that one of your children disobeys and does something to make you a little mad. We will not go into any more details here. A few minutes later, a child on the other side of the world comes to you with a sincere question. Their intent is righteous and they are more than worthy of your mercy and answers. Each child is in different circumstances which each stir different feelings in you… at the same time. How would you react?

Yes, God has feelings. However, He’s still perfect. Meaning, He is able to perfectly manage and control His feelings. We are far from being able to do that, and I think that it’s one of the hardest things for humans to do. So if He is able to perfectly manage His feelings, He never allows His feelings to produce something that would negatively harm His children. Rather, He always uses His feelings to create positive results that benefit His children.

I believe that God, in this scenario, would deal with each child as they each individually need to be dealt with to bring them back home to Him. But now how would Satan react? He can’t perfectly control his feelings. I have reason to believe that Satan does not know how to move on. He’ll attack you using the same technique a million times, and yet still try it again one more time. And no matter how many times you shun him away, he always seems to come back wanting to play.

By judging his character, we can assume that he would indeed be much like the enemy that we beat up and left wounded for our friend to beat up the next day. He has a million different battles going on right now, but because he can’t control his anger from losing one, he lets it carry over into all the others. So if I knock him down right now and he goes to try to attack you, he’ll be weaker and less effective, even though you and I are on completely different battlefields.

With this in mind, can we all help each other out a little bit? Weaken the enemy each day, as a favor to our fellow warriors? Further assessing the character of God, I believe that we can also assume that He is always up for joining the boxing match. It never has to be 1 on 1. Hit Him up and ask if He wants to go throw some punches at the adversary, He’ll show you how.

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