The Gospel According to You

What is your mission? One speaker has defined your mission as “the technology/tool of genius”. It’s very empowering, because it gives you purpose. You’ve heard of mission statements before. This is a simplified mission statement. It’s your mission. It’s what you’re all about. As I list several possible missions, try to feel which ones apply to you- the ones that make you say, “Yeah, that’s what I really resonate with. That’s what I’m all about.” Here are a few:

Feed the hungry

Heal the sick

Liberate the captive

Educate the ignorant

Heal struggling families

Distribute wealth

Find the lost

Befriend the lonely

Stand up for the outsider

Okay, did you feel which one or ones are your superpowers? Remember that healing the sick doesn’t necessarily mean being a doctor. It might. Each one is unique to you. Notice another thing- each one is an action that you do followed by a people in need. It’s not accumulate as much wealth as I can. It’s distribute wealth, whatever I have.

Let me present some scriptural evidence of this concept. It’s really deep, but also really simple. The idea is simple, but the fruits are much larger than you’d expect. In John 1, we learn about John’s mission. He says that he came to bear witness to the world of Jesus Christ. Could we say that part of his mission is to educate the ignorant?

This book of scripture is more than just “John”. It is The Gospel According to John. And in the very first chapter, even the very first verses, he walks us through, step by step, what he’s all about. He defines his mission.

Today I want you to write the first few verses to The Gospel According to You. Here’s an example:

The Gospel According to Mike:

Befriend the lonely. I am all about befriending the lonely. God sent me to earth to bear witness of Him in a special way. He gave me the gifts of a kind spirit and likable personality. Just as Jesus went about showing specific love to the lonely, so do I. Because this is my purpose, I regularly pray that I may have the sensitivity and opportunities to find the lonely so that I can befriend them.

Understand that the rest of the book of John is just him writing about how he fulfilled his purpose. His purpose being to testify of Christ, he wrote about Christ a lot. He wrote about his experiences doing so. The rest of the book of Mike would essentially be Mike’s journal, where he tells of his experiences befriending the lonely and what he learned.

I promise that this is a concept that directly correlates to your happiness. If you are doing nothing to fulfill your mission, you will be very miserable. In contrast, as you have experiences fulfilling your mission, you will be much happier and acquire an excitement for life.

I testify that this is true, in the name of the ultimate Missionary, even Jesus Christ, amen.

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