The man was Shule. He was born into captivity and not happy about it. Not only was he being held captive, but he was being held captive by his very own brother, Corihor. Corihor had taken the kingdom from their own father, and none of the other 21 sons did anything about it.

So Shule took action. He lifted whatever boulders and logs he could find, becoming mighty as to the strength of a man. He learned what he could from every source he could, becoming mighty in judgement. And off he went to the hill Ephraim, “and he did molten out of the hill, and made swords out of steel” (Ether 7:9). This was his pattern:

Hill of Ephraim —————–> Molten —————–> Swords

Molten is the result of a material becoming liquefied by heat and/or pressure.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Like you’ve got too many irons in the fire? Think about the qualities of a liquid. Liquids fill and take the shape of the form they’re put in. While Shule was fighting physically for his freedom, I think that we can use his pattern to fight for our own psychological freedom. Thus I present our pattern:

Descendants of Ephraim —————–> Become “liquefied by heat” —————–> Used as God’s sword

You may feel like all of the heat and pressure from the endless strains of life is melting you. I’m here to say that this is a good thing, and it’s making you into a valuable weapon in the Lord’s Hands.

Remember the refiner’s fire? I like to think of the fire as the gospel, all the hard things we go through, and even the good things. It’s really just life. Imagining yourself as a huge block of ice, allow the countless irons that you have in this fire to liquefy yourself into a pure substance that the Lord can use to create a spiritual weapon in these last days.

This process works. It worked for Shule when he used those swords to restore the kingdom unto his father. Let’s do the same.

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