“And upon these I write the things of my soul” – 2 Nephi 4:15

The Liberties of Gospel

The gospel transposes the character of Christ upon any who form a revelatory relationship with Him and the Father. Such a relationship leads to personal freedom and an excitement for life.”

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The Fourth Watch

Do we, as human beings, sometimes find ourselves tempted to be critical of the way God is having our lives play out? I think we can all relate to looking heavenward and wondering where Divine Intervention was, as loved ones are seemingly denied righteous longings or suffer beyond reason. Hard things happen to good people,…

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Bowling With God

How can you not keep reading with a title like that? Let’s start with a story. Imagine you are going bowling with God. Jesus is there, just hanging out and eating nachos or something. So you rent your bowling sandals and pick out a ball- you’re ready to go. You walk up to the line,…

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Mindfully Maintaining Our Gardens

Imagine a garden, or a yard, or a field. If you are trying to successfully plant and grow something, the first step would be to prepare the ground. This could involve breaking up or evening the soil, but almost always requires the pulling of at least a few weeds. Only then, once all this is…

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Me on The Eternal Warrior Podcast:


I fight for a close relationship with my Savior, notwithstanding my weaknesses or transgressions.


I fight to feel the love of God and constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.


I fight for my brothers and sisters in arms.

About Me

My name is Bryson Clements. I am 18 years old and preparing to serve my two-year proselyting and service mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have been called to serve in the Arkansas Bentonville mission from July 2021 – July 2023. As a 13-year-old, I started my journey of recovering from sexual addictions through the Sons of Helaman program at Life Changing Services. Ongoing self-mastery and character development pursuits have led me to sharing what I’ve learned so that others may feel my same joy.

Contact Me


(801) 678 3801

My Mission

I am going about the business of the Lord. I am bringing many to a knowledge of the truth and to Him. I write so that somebody somewhere will be touched in some way and be moved to make their life better as a result. Our characters and doings certainly have a ripple effect, and I’m simply trying to create enough ripples to change the world.

  • Strengthen your personal relationships with the Godhead by getting to know Them
  • Pursue your earthly purpose and potential by ministering to your fellowmen
  • Discover the power and importance of continual personal revelation in your own life

“Bryson has effectively displayed the powerful pattern of identifying a gift and using it to better the lives of many in need. He has a much practiced knowledge of self-mastery principles and passionately continues to further God’s work.”

Maurice Harker, Director of Life Changing Services

“Bryson is hands down one of the most impressive young men I have met. His zeal for improvement and helping others is beyond his years and the content he creates is superb. A subscription to his blog is subscription to manna from heaven. Subscribe now, it will help you improve your life.”

Spenny, Co-host of the Eternal Warrior Podcast

“I was dumbfounded when I discovered Bryson’s pieces. It’s outstanding that a human being so young can have such a profound understanding of spiritually practical concepts. He has a gift for expressing them so eloquently. I truly applaud Bryson and all that he fights for.”

Elle Phillips, 17, Real Teenager
Declarations of Power

We shall inspire the uninspired.

We shall spur the idle.

We shall know God personally.

We shall awake each morning with an excitement and a passion to fulfill our mission.